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The Emily Rosamond Bauer Scholarship is a gift from the family and friends of Emily Rosamond Bauer.  EVWL contributes $2,000 annually toward this scholarship.  This award is disbursed through the ASU Foundation for a New American University in recognition of Emily, the daughter of a member who was tragically taken too early.

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Stephanie Graham was a member of East Valley Women’s League, tragically lost to breast cancer.  She had a great passion for EVWL and the projects we support, primarily Cinderella Affair and Homebound Women.  With the support of her family and friends, Stephanie continued to diligently support these projects while facing treatments and illness.  The “Over the Moon” Stephanie Graham Memorial Scholarship has been created in her honor as a way of providing assistance to that student who “just needs a chance” to take the next steps beyond high school to follow their educational dreams. The EVWL Scholarship Committee, in conjunction with the Graham Family, is looking for a female student who exhibits service to the community, participation in extra-curricular activities, demonstrates financial need and has a minimum grade point average of 2.8.  Application deadline is February 22, 2019.

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Over the Moon

& Anything Is Possible

Anything is Possible Scholarship

The women of East Valley Women’s League believe that continuing education is the key to success for all students.  The EVWL Scholarship Committee is looking for a female applicant from the East Valley, who exhibits service to the community, participation in extracurricular activities, demonstrates financial need and is in the “academic middle”.  Many scholarships are awarded based on the highest GPAs, often leaving out many qualified deserving students.  The impact of this scholarship is giving a chance, an opportunity to a student who might not otherwise get a scholarship…showing them that “Anything is Possible”.   Application deadline is February 22nd, 2019.

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New American University Scholarship Endowment

Emily Rosamond Bauer Scholarship Fund

 Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation

This is East Valley Women’s League’s first scholarship.  It is a perfect fit for our mission statement – “helping women and children to lead more promising lives”.    This scholarship is awarded to single mothers of any age.  They may be young mothers with young children or mothers with grown children going back to school.  The recipients are required to be full time students, attend one of the Maricopa Community Colleges, maintain a 2.8 GPA and show financial need.  For 2019-2020 we will award (two) $2,000. Scholarships. 

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In 2013 East Valley Women’s League in partnership with the ASU Foundation established a $75,000 New American University Scholarship Endowment.  This endowment allows us to award Arizona students funds to attend college for years to come.  It is merit based and applicants must be full time students, demonstrate financial need with a preference for residents of Arizona. 

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Over the Moon Scholarship